Often overlooked items to keep around just in case…

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Two often over looked items to put into your Bug out Bag and/or cache of supplies for TEOTWAWKI are Baby Powder, and Corn and Callus Remover. Here’s why I recommend adding them to at least your long term cache of supplies.

If you have never had a “Corn” develop on your feet consider yourself lucky and realize that it is probably just a matter of time before you get one. These develop as a result of regular rubbing of the skin in that area and as long as they are not too big usually don’t’ cause enough pressure on the nerves underneath the corn to hurt.

According to WebMD

  • Calluses and corns on the feet are often caused by pressure from footwear.
  • Tight shoes squeeze the foot.
  • High-heeled shoes squeeze the front part of the foot.
  • Loose shoes may cause your foot to slide and rub against the shoe.
  • Shoes with a thin sole can create more pressure on the ball of the foot when walking than do thicker-soled shoes.
  • Wearing sandals and shoes without socks can lead to increased friction.
  • The foot may rub against a seam or stitch inside the shoe.
  • Socks that don’t fit may result in pressure where a sock bunches up.

Having a bottle of Salicylic Acid such as Dr. Scholl’s Corn and Callus remover, helps to soften the corn so that it can be removed using something such as a pumice stone although sand paper, or a piece of sand stone could also do the trick in a pinch. It is also possible to pare (cut) the corn, but this is not recommended. From experience I can tell you that if you try to cut off the corn there is a good chance you will cut too much too deep then you have an entirely different problem to deal with that makes walking difficult at best.

Baby powder is one of those items that everyone should have not only in their cache but also a small bottle of it in their Bug out Bag. Since I live in the south heat and humidity are a constant in the summer and getting a “heat rash” is one of those things that can slow you down, delaying you from reaching your bug out location in a reasonable amount of time.

Basically any time you sweat and the sweat doesn’t have the ability to evaporate so it stays on your skin creating a warm moist environment for bacteria and fungi to grow you will have problems. Unfortunately this can happen not just in the south where the climate is hot and humid for about ½ the year, it can be an issue just about anywhere.

Here’s where the baby powder comes in. Baby powder is designed to soak up the moisture keeping the skin dry, which makes it the perfect preventative treatment. Once you have a fungal infection you will need to use an antifungal cream or powder to get rid of it, which in a TEOTWAWKI situation may not be that easy to find. Much better to be proactive and prevent it.